Lemon Haze Essential Oil


This Lemon Haze proprietary essential oil aromatherapy blend is the natural profile of the Lemon Haze cannabis strain! Our essential oils are organic, non-GMO, GRAS and contain absolutely no THC. Fill any space with the energizing, inspiring, citrus aroma of Lemon Haze.

There are a large variety of terpenes (essential oils) found in flower and plants including cannabis and it is the mixture of these terpenes that deliver many of the benefits that cannabis provides. Our essential oil blends are natural plant derived terpenes so you can enjoy the benefits and the magnificent aromas of cannabis without THC.

Use in your favorite essential oil diffuser, add to your bathwater or just enjoy these essential oils on the go to fill any space with Harmony.

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We are excited to announce the introduction of our new essential oil line of aromatherapy products!

Many benefits of the cannabis plant are derived from the individual terpene profiles each strain naturally produces.

This is our Lemon Haze essential oil which has an inspiring, refreshing Lemon Citrus aroma which is known to pick you up and get you going.

Our Extract Harmony ™ essential oil aromatherapy blends are natural terpene profiles that provide the incredibly wonderful aromas of the cannabis plant that will fill any space with Harmony.

Our essential oils contain no THC, so there are no psychoactive effects just the delightful aromas the essential oils provide. We blend natural therapeutic grade terpenes to make our essential oils which give cannabis their magnificent smell.

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